Recruiting for entry level jobs in IT – A detailed guide.

Last year we had quite a few entry level positions open in our company and in this article I will address the most important points we learned, as well as provide a description of the whole process.

Recruitment – what is it?

Let’s first start by talking a bit about what recruitment is in general.

Recruitment is the process of attracting, finding, screening, hiring and onboarding qualified job candidates. It begins with identifying a hiring heed and eventually ends when we hire, hopefully, the right candidate. As we will not go too much into detail, there is a link to a useful article which explains all the steps of recruitment at the end.

To better understand the issue of this article, I would like to talk a bit about sourcing talent, which comes immediately after identifying a hiring need. Sourcing for talent aka finding a pool of potential candidates can be done actively or passively. Example of passive talent sourcing is by posting a job ad on a company’s website or/and other useful platforms to attract possible candidates. On the other hand, active sourcing is done by directly reaching out to possible candidates, throughout social networks, mailing lists and so on.

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