Libra Incentix

The LIX platform is the leading blockchain-based B2C Rewards Marketplace. LIX connects brands & consumers through customisable loyalty tokens.

The LIX application is a pay-as-you-go loyalty management system that aims to connect people with the brands they love.
The platform consists of:

  • Organization(Brand)
  • Projects and campaigns
  • Tasks

Tokens used in the LIX Platform:

  • Blackchain Token(LIXX)
  • Custom Tokens

The platform is using custom points or tokens to launch and run loyalty programs. Only Brands can issue custom tokens. The issuing brand/store define the number of
created tokens based on the loyalty programs they run. After creating a custom token, an organisation can then transfer some units of that token into any wallet of their choice denominated in the
same token. Any organisation can add any custom token to their wallet and request to get units of that token into it.


LIX platform has issued LIX points a custom token to run loyalty programs. This token is used by default every time a new brand/store joins the platform. Key elements of LIX points:

  • LIX points run without using a private blockchain
  • LIX points can be purchased on the LIX platform and used to unlock discounts within the LIX marketplace
  • LIX points can be backed by fiat currency, (referred to as CASH-POINTS)
  • Cash-Points can be swapped to LIXX tokens