HR Management App

HR app is a  higly-customisable web application for HR management build using Ruby on Rails framework.The aim of this app is complete digitalisation of HR processes and it covers all the functions an HR department has to perform. The features are listed down below:


Employee portal

This feature allows the employees to view their profile with basic information about themselves. They can also log into the tracking system and request a leave. Managers can view extended profiles with all relevant data and change it. Other users, besides employees, are students and contractors. They can also view their profiles, and managers can keep track of important data.


Time tracking and work hours administration

Employees can start the time tracker and use it to document their working hours and reports can later be generated. This feature also serves to keep track of employee working hours and days off, which is mandatory by the law.


Leave entitlement and sick leave administration
The employee can request a vacation or sick leave and the manager gets notified. When approved or denied, the employee gets an automatic email. Managers can also have an overview of the vacations and sick leaves during the year and documents can be uploaded (sick leave notice).


Compensation and benefits

This feature allows the managers to keep track of the payroll and different benefits employees have, so that the paycheck could be calculated more easily. This also provides long term benefits monitoring.


Performance and success tracking
In this feature feedback by other team members can be provided, an employee can see their career path in the company and managers can keep track of different courses and education an employee has completed. Also, managers can keep track of specific KPIs and goals employees have to complete.


Work equipment administration
This feature ensures that all the work equipment is carefully assigned to the employees and helps you keep track of whether they have returned it when needed. 


Selection Aid
A candidates base which allows you to create a candidate’s profile with a CV and following files attached, search the base and keep track of the progress. You can keep candidate profiles saved in different folders based on the project.


Project allocation
This feature allows the managers to keep track of all the different projects and assign them to the employees that are currently working on that project. This helps with overall organizing and is also included in the career path of the employee. 



*Custom features

Any custom features you may need can be added to the application. For example, we have installed an “Office spot reservation” for a client since they have had a limited amount of spots available.