We help you bring your ideas to life and take your projects to the next level, with our top quality development & staffing services .

Staff augmentation - Dedicated team - Web development -

1. IT Staff Augmentation

Searching for the right candidate with a specific set of skills? With today’s work market, everyone knows top talent is tough to find and even tougher to maintain in your company. Recruiting can cost you a lot of time and money and still not bring you the right person you need. Don’t worry, we have the solution! Tell us your specific requests and relax while we present you the best candidates for your project. You can either choose from our inhouse pool of developers or let us search for the candidate you want. We do everything to make the selection process easy and fun for you, starting from recruiting, arranging interviews and helping you choose the right candidate. We also handle the hiring process since we work as an outsourcing agency, so the candidate can eventually work as our employee on your project.


2. Dedicated team

Need a dedicated team of developers for your next project? You’ve come to the right place. We offer you the whole team of highly skilled developers, along with QA specialists and a product owner. Our team consists of highly trained and engaged Ruby on Rails developers ready to face new challenges and generate new ideas. Whether you want an agile team or a single developer, we have everything you need to find the best solutions and grow your project. Hiring our developers saves you time and energy since you don’t have to search for the right person yourself and thereby guarantees faster and better results!


3. End-to-end development

You envision, we create! We are specialized in building high quality Ruby on Rails web applications for various purposes. Guiding you through the whole process, from your idea to the finished product, our job is to help you build your project from scratch. This is how our development process goes: